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About Us

​​In the era of Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there is an urgent need for the University to prepare students for a rapidly changing future and gain a deep understanding of the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on people and society.  

There is also a need for the University to address the many critical challenges confronting Singapore and the world through research and innovation. The University must redouble its efforts in nurturing students, pursuing knowledge and providing solutions especially in Singapore’s context to create value for society. 

​One important step toward this is the launch of NISTH, NTU Institute for Science and Technology for Humanity. NISTH aims to answer important questions related to the world’s societal challenges, for NTU it bridges the scientific disciplines and has the goal to translate science for society. NISTH’s involvement revolves around three immediate themes: Responsible innovation, governance and leadership in the age of the fourth industrial revolution, and emerging urban Asia. ​
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