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The Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGL)


We collaborated with YGL to offer the week-long YGL-NTU Executive Program in which we designed a comprehensive and content-packed program for a selected group of international young leaders . The aim is to cultivate collective and individual leadership to help develop informed, visionary global change-makers.




Falling Walls


Since 2016, NTU has took part in the international Falling Walls Lab network, organising Falling Walls Lab Singapore with embassy partners, government agencies and fellow tertiary institutions to bring opportunities to Singapore-based young thought leaders for them gain exposure and recognition on an international platform to the industry and academic leaders.




Italian Chamber of Commerce Singapore (ICCS)


In June 2019, NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity (NISTH) was delighted to collaborate with ICCS to bring the first Italian Food Innovation (IFI) exhibition to NTU after its run in Suntec with the support of NTU Library.



Sorbonne University


NTU and Sorbonne Universités explored possibilities of research and teaching collaboration in interdisciplinary areas at joint workshops with the hope to create an environment that encourages active collaboration in education and research in areas such as materials sciences, humanities, arts, and social sciences.



The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society


NISTH is exploring the opportunity and laying the groundwork to match-make the expertise in the NTU research and academic community with their counterparts under the Wallenberg Foundation, in order to generate research and competence on the consequences and challenges of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems for humanities and society. 



BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt



NISTH is working with the BMW Foundation to bring the Responsible Leaders Summit into the virtual world in response to the current global situation which is making it difficult for physical meetings and events to happen. Leveraging on the our strength in cross-sectioning science with realistic social perspectives, NISTH hopes to facilitate collaborations that will lead real execution of solutions that will positively impact the society.  





Development Bank of Singapore


Union Bank of Philippines​


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