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NRF Research Funding

Dear Colleagues

We hope you are doing fine during this challenging period.

We are glad to share with you the following message from NRF. 

NRF recognises that many of the research projects are facing disruption and delay as a result of the ongoing circuit breaker measures. 

Below are a number of special arrangements for NRF-administered grantsWe expect the other major funding agencies (e.g. MoE, MoH, A-STAR) would have similar arrangement but slightly different in details and processes.  We will share with you the details when we receive more information from them.

For NRF-administered grants:

A) Delay Start date of grant

For newly awarded projects, PIs may submit a request to NRF to delay the start date by up to 6 months.

B) Grant extension

For projects due to end before or on 31 Mar 2021, NRF will approve up to 6 months of no-cost extension, to allow PIs to address any disruption caused by the circuit breaker. The grant terms & conditions and guidelines will continue to apply, including the time commitments expected of the PIs and research team during the extension period.

To expedite the process, NRF has asked RSO to coordinate and submit extension requests to NRF.  No-cost extension requests beyond 6 months can also be considered, but will need justifications.  More information about the procedure will be available soon.

For projects due to end after 1 April 2021, PIs should follow the normal process of submitting a no-cost extension request 6 months prior to the project end date for NRF’s approval. NRF will be sympathetic in considering these requests, if PIs are able to demonstrate that their projects were significantly delayed by the COVID-19 disruption.

C) Research Personnel and PhD Students

NRF will support researchers and those employed on their grants through this challenging period. PIs of funded projects should continue to pay all in place research personnel and PhD students their salary/stipend from the grant during the circuit breaker period, even in cases where the research work is not continuing as planned.  Any rebates or support received from the Singapore Government in terms of salary, worker levy and allowances must be off-set from the grant claims.

All PIs are highly encouraged to re-assign tasks and activities whenever possible, such that the non-lab-based aspects can be done from home during this period. Flexibility should be exercised, where necessary, to allow PhD students additional time to submit their thesis. In instances where the virement across votes had exceeded 10% of the total direct cost, NRF will support PIs’ requests to shift funds from other votes (ie. OOE, EQPT and Overseas Travel) to support EOM and Research Scholarship votes, even if the request is submitted less than 3 months from the project end date.

Enclosed is a set of anticipated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from NRF for your information as well.  

We look forward to sharing with you more information about the implementation procedure of the above.

Please let us know if any other information or clarifications may be required. 

Thank you for your attention.

FAQs on NRF Administered Grants.pdfFAQs on NRF Administered Grants.pdf

Best Regards,
FUNG Tat Ching
Director, Research Support Office, NRF

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