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NISTH Grant Writing Support

​If you find you are struggling with writing up that Grant Proposal - NISTH can help!

We understand how time-consuming and exhausting writing a grant proposal can be. NISTH has put aside a small amount to help our Fellows in this task. 

If you have an interdisciplinary grant proposal, (with PIs from STEM and non-STEM fields) that you would like to put together, do reach out to NISTH. We will assess the scope and feasibility of the proposal and provide funds or support toward hiring manpower (assistant/s) to aid in writing up the final proposal.


​​grant Call received​

​​​​​​Interest To submit proposal

​​Inter-disciplinary Field
(PIs from STEM and non-STEM areas)

​​request support from NISTH
​​NISTH assesses scope & Feasibility for support​

​​NISTH provides funding or support to hire assistant/s 
to help write the grant proposal

If you are requesting for Funding fill in the NISTH-GWS-Funding Application Form.

If you are requesting for Manpower Support fill in the
NISTH-GWS-Manpower Support Application Form.

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