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Environmental Humanities - Paving the Way Towards a Sustainable Future

An Interdisciplinary Symposium at Nanyang Technological University 

12 and 13 October 2018


Kira Alexandra Rose, Postdoctoral Fellow, SoH

Supported by: 
NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity (NISTH),

Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) and Sustainable Earth Office (SEO)





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This two-day symposium, to take place in Semester 1 of the Academic Year 2018-2019, brings together scholars, researchers, practitioners, and leaders working on environmental concerns, with a focus on the key role of Green Humanities in creating a sustainable future. In addition to giving members of the university the opportunity to share their work with colleagues and strengthen connections between the co-organisers (NISTH, CLASS and SEO), the event aims to foster ongoing​ collaboration and catalyse creative new projects that will contribute to NTU’s KPIs and goals of internationalization and profile raising.


This symposium will inspire much needed conversations and creative approaches to tackling challenges that, as we well know, no one discipline can tackle alone. An important focus, among others, is public communication strategies: the role of storytelling in shaping and shifting attitudes and behaviours.




This initiative will 

1) give historical and current perspectives on the ongoing importance of the humanities and social sciences in driving and supporting environmental protection and sustainability; 

2) update the NTU community on important work happening at HASS and beyond; 

3) facilitate collaboration, additional funding opportunities, and input from the social sciences and humanities into NTU’s other sustainability projects and programs, including COE, CoS, NBS, ERI@N, and NEWRI.

Strengthening internal networks will contribute to building more robust external ones. Because both are integral to raising NTU’s global profile, the symposium features keynotes by internationally recognized speakers and an Applications and Outcomes roundtable. Internal speakers are drawn from SoH, SSS, ADM, ASE, SEO, RSIS, WKWSCI, SCELSE, and NIE.



The symposium will be photographed and recorded. A formal report of the proceedings will be published in collaboration with NISTH, CLASS and SEO. In addition, a brochure will be compiled and distributed to the NTU administration, including the President. These outcomes provide high output value by targeting the field and the broader international market.


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