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MICRON-NISTH Grant - Outcome

Dear Colleagues,

The inaugural MICRON-NISTH Responsible AI Grant was launched on 6 February and closed on 24  February 2020. Opened to the NTU academic community, this seed grant of $10,000 is awarded to each team to develop proof-of-concepts, prototypes, conceptualisations, experiments, user studies and/or other initiatives that allows progression to a next phase. Over the three weeks, we have received numerous highly interesting interdisciplinary proposals on Responsible AI. 

The following proposals are awarded $10,000 each after evaluation and comments from both  the Micron and NISTH panel, with a special grant of $5,000to the students’ proposal to further develop their ideas.


Research Team:
Gerard Goggin (WKWSCI) – PI
Wong Meng Ee (NIE) – Co PI
Andrew Prahl (WKWSCI) – Co PI
Rafael Calvo (Imperial College) – Collaborator 


Research Team:
Althaf Marsoof (NBS) – PI
Andres Carlos Luco (SoH) - Co PI
Joty Shafiq Rayhan (SCSE)  - Collaborator
Harry Tan (NBS) – Collaborator


Research Team:
Wen Bihan (EEE) – PI
Li Yi (SPMS) – Co PI
Wang Yi (SEC) – External Collaborator
Liu Yang (NUS) – External Collaborator


Research Team:
Zheng Yan (SCSE) – PI
Lu Jiahui (WKWSCI) – Co PI


Research Team:
Mohammed Adnan Azam (MAE, NTC) – PI
Kunal Mishra (SBS) – Co PI
Naseer Ahmed Khan (SCSE) – Co PI
Prithviraj Ray (MAE) – Co PI
Asst Prof Li King Ho, Holden (Mentor)
Prof George Augustine (Mentor)
​Prof Chen Shen-Hsing Annabel (Mentor)​


The Micron-NISTH Grant supports seed funding for interdisciplinary research on responsible AI. The grant seeks to spark ideas by leveraging both NISTH and Micron networks to support the conceptualisation, prototyping and pre-testing of problem statements.
Please join me in congratulating the successful Micron-NISTH Grant teams.  We look forward to the teams making impactful achievements from their respective projects.

Thank you.

Prof Vanessa Evers
NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity

Details of the original Grant Call can be found HERE.
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